Spiritual Creativity: A Journey to Human’s Heart

Compared to intellectual quotient and emotional quotient, spiritual quotient is still concluded a “gray-area” in the academic and scientific world. Similar to IQ and EQ, it is defined as a measurement of human’s capability on sensing emotional and applying appropriate attitude towards a situation. Differ from emotional quotient where it lacks of acceptance on spiritual attribute.

As an individual who grew up and guided by beliefs, I am certain there is an important role of beliefs towards our characteristics and behavior. As said in the definition of emotional quotient, emotions are genetically descended from our parents. But emotions are also created throughout elements of beliefs which creates its own discipline and point of view to an individual. These subconscious discipline would form a characteristics and behavior to a certain events or matter experienced by the individual.

Spiritual attribute may be pseudo-scientific and not concrete towards other theories, but in reality it really does exist. The existence of spiritual attribute can be achieved by experiencing spiritual events based on beliefs. In many religions, human have been taught to be  faithful and contributing towards their Gods and no comprehension towards other matter. This theory constructs human mind to a matter on believing greater form to exist and incomparable. Therefore, subconscious discipline is formed within human’s mind, although many individual claimed they have been conscious to restrictions taught in their religions. Faith conceals human attitude towards violation of orders and teachings of one’s belief. To my opinion, faith derives towards human’s spiritual intelligence. The cause of spiritual intelligence not to be acknowledge as comprehensive may lead to the basic of where faith is formed. Whilst, the only matter differentiates us human to animal is spiritual emotions and consciousness.

Spiritual creativity is also derived from spiritual intelligence, where we are able to explore and express our mind and soul. The creativity in expressing wisdom and own perspectives may be channeled throughout many different ways.

So, to define it simply, spiritual creativity is like going on a journey, a fun journey and memorable. A joyous experience which later would be shared to others and affect others to do the same journey. Affection fits perfectly to define spiritual creativity.


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